Next to “indestructibility”, there is one other fact that makes stainless steel fit well in a modern, well designed place – it lustres. This means that it has the ability of reflecting light, similar to glass. There are different types of lustre and that shiny characteristic can be enhanced even further by using wax or a substance like that. But, why trouble yourself with one other chore when you can have it by installing stainless steel in your home. The atmosphere created around them makes them appealing to many different people who all have different tastes, which make them an excellent choice no matter what kind of design your home has – they will surely fit in.

304# stainless steel suitable for indoor feature wall decoration such as kitchen splashback etc. Unique and modern design mosaic.

Approximately 11 sheets per square metre.

Tiles price listed is per 300mm x 300mm sheet. For more information on this product visit

splashback mosaic stainless steel

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