Crazy paving stone Santorini belongs to our stunning Mediterranean range of stone products. Random stone Santorini is quarried in the heart of Europe and most often is the stone product which compliments luxury villas, resorts and spectacular landscapes throughout the enchanting and mystifying Mediterranean region . Crazy paving stone Santorini is dark grey in colour with a low frequency occurrence of other colours such as brown. Crazy paving Santorini is hard and durable, well suited for a number of applications. Crazy Paving stone is an ideal solution for paving and wall cladding. 


Crazy paving, also known as polygonal paving, random crazy paving and random stone pavers, has many uses and can be placed in backyards, patios, pools, garages, walkways,driveways and gardens. Random paving is widely used by landscapers to create unique garden features. Crazy paving products may also be used to decorate a firebrick BBQ, fireplaces or even wood-fired ovens.

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