Where does marble come from?

Marble is a hard metamorphic stone that has been formed from limestone. The colours, veins and shades are caused by substances present during their formation such as oxides, micas and silicates. Artmar Natural Stone offer a range of natural marble tiles from Turkey.

Sizes include:

  • 600x600x20
  • 610x610x12
  • 305x305x12
  • 450x450x20
  • 600x300x20
  • 610x305x12
  • 914x457x15

Finishes include:

  • Honed
  • Polished

Marble used extensively in all areas of construction and is prized for its natural beauty. The stunning nature of marble is best seen with a smooth finish such as polished or honed. Rough finishes can be used for outdoor applications and tend to subdue the veins, colours and markings.

marble tiles

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