RADITIONAL PAVERS BEST Traditional range of pavers. The look is classic. The production is state-of-the-art. Start with perfectly uniform size, designed for easy installation. A handyman’s dream. Slip-resistant. Maintenance-free. An anti-salt additive prevents unsightly stains from efflorescence. Built to last and take years of punishment. And so cost-effective. Join the new traditionalists. TRADITIONAL HONED BEST Traditional Honed pavers are our classic traditional paver where our exclusive honing process polishes the product face exposing aggregates and producing a subtle texture and stylish finish. TRADITIONAL PEBBLE BEST Traditional Pebble pavers are an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to exposed aggregate concrete, while offering all the benefits of traditional pavers. PERMEABLE PAVERS A new environmentally-friendly paver designed and engineered with a 5mm ‘gap’ to limit stormwater runoff.

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